Now that electric cars are starting to become a norm, we may start seeing another mode of transportation move to zero-emissions: air travel. One company that's charging forward with electric power for aircraft is Magnix. The latest showing of their technology happened very recently as they retrofitted their Magni500 electric motor into a Cessna Caravan 208. After placing the engine in the 37-foot long aircraft, they took it out for its first flight this week. When it lifted off of the ground, it became the largest electric plane to take flight. Magnix says this motor provides 750 horsepower which has enough propulsion for an aircraft to carry anywhere from five to 19 passengers. What's nice about creating a motor that can be retrofitted like this is that Magnix isn't building a product from the ground up, which can take a lot of time. Instead, they're giving the world an easy way to step into zero-emission flight by being able to place the motor into existing aircraft. Hopefully, we'll be seeing more exciting tech like this in the aeronautical world soon!