One of our coworkers daily drives the meanest Jaguar to ever prowl the road. The F-Pace SVR is sleek and incredibly fast. A supercharged V8 sends 550 horsepower and 502 lb-ft of torque to all wheels. While this is more than enough for most owners, a meaner cat is about to be unleashed. Lister Motors is a British supercar builder. In addition to building their own models, they have been modifying Jaguars for three decades. In 2018 they unveiled the Lister Thunder, a 666 horsepower version of the F-Type. Now they have teased something new, as the Lister Stealth is previewed as a 666 horsepower F-Pace. Extensive carbon fiber upgrades, no mufflers, and more boost are what we like, so tell us what you think of this mean cat in the comments below.