Even though Bugatti has suspended the production of their vehicles, they are still hard at work. Many employees of the French automaker are currently working from home, developing their hypercars. What's even more interesting is the fact that Bugatti is actually testing their cars. Each morning, they agree on what they want to test so and also see if any local regulations have changed. After they decide, just one engineer test drives the Chiron and Divo. Because it's just one person test driving, sessions take longer because they have to stop in order to calibrate all on their own. On the positive side, they get to spend around seven hours each day in two of the world's most impressive cars.

“Working with a hyper sports car like the Chiron with 1,500 PS is a great job that I enjoy doing every single day and one that fills me with pride,” says Sven Bohnhorst, one of the engineers at Bugatti test driving the hypercars.