Two weeks ago we were glad to announce that Lamborghini had joined the battle against the virus. Their talented employees quickly changed gears from interior fabrics to masks and gowns, while engineers re-tooled the assembly line. Having the latest technology at their disposal, Lamborghini is using 3D printing to increase ventilator production.

Siare Engineering International Group is the largest ventilator manufacturer in Italy. Building them around the clock presents a few challenges, the main one being testing before they reach the hospital. Each machine needs to be checked for proper function, but they only had a handful of lung simulators. This created a bottleneck until Lamborghini stepped in. Using their 3D printers non-stop, the production of simulators is up to 18 per week. This is in addition to the face shields, masks and gowns being made around the clock. Our hats are off to everyone at Lamborghini, keep up the good work