You have many choices when shopping for a 1911. The common denominator among them is that no matter what you choose, it is one of many identical examples made by that shop. That is where Cabot Guns has chosen an unprecedented business model. Their specialty is in small batches, each one with a unique theme and inspiration. By limiting production to small groups assembled by the same Gunsmith, Cabot Guns offers hand-built perfection.

Sure there are other companies that build pistols by hand, but even a skilled master can become complacent if they build the same gun. Groundhog day becomes real if your career is spent in repetition. At Cabot, they are not afraid to use unique alloys, custom wood finishes, and other unseen details to make their guns one of a kind.

A quick glance at their website and you will fall down the rabbit hole of amazing firearms. Among my favorites are a pair made from extraterrestrial iron. Meteorites have some of the purest iron ever found. The Gibeon meteorite dates back to the dinosaur age, and it was discovered in Namibia in 1838. After carving a 77-pound chunk out of it, Cabot Guns built the "Big Bang Set".

Mass-produced guns are made using high-speed CNC mills. Because Cabot Guns are often commissioned in hardened alloys, each one is carefully crafted using tools your grandfather would know well. Other popular models include Damascus Steel, each one requires hundreds of hours by a blacksmith who forges and folds the steel hundreds of times.

Cabot Guns only builds these in limited runs, as their business is catered to one-off collector's items. If you need the strongest and most alluring 45 on the market, click the button below to learn more.