Building LEGO sets is one thing, but taking those finished sets and setting them up for real photoshoots is another. Dominic Fraser did just this very thing as he found himself stuck inside during the quarantine without being able to partake in his standard photoshoots. With a house full of cameras and his children's LEGO sets, he created a new Instagram series. In this series, he recreates iconic Porsche photos that have been taken over the years, including the famous picture of the 930 Turbo catching air.

“If anything, it’s helped my photography because I’ve really had to think about the technicalities of the shot, and to visualize exactly what I’m trying to capture,” Fraser says. “It’s been a more conceptual process than I’m used to with actual cars – in real life, you shoot much more in the moment.”

Check out all the images below, including some behind-the-scenes images. And I've also included a button below where you can browse all of the LEGO Speed Champions sets so you can recreate some iconic images yourself.

Source: Porsche Newsroom