It is not always true to say that as you grow older, the toys get bigger and more expensive. Hot Wheels continue to play a key role in the automotive diecast industry. Mattel Toys stays current with new releases just as the actual vehicles are being driven off the factory lines. Hot Wheels newest release pays tribute to infamous Porsche modifier Arika Nakai, responsible for Rauh-Welt Begriff, also known as RWB. He is best known for cutting fenders directly off Porsches and reengineering widebody setups that seem to take up the entire road. Nakai is a one-man show that travels all around the world completing personal builds, to which the waiting list carries into 2021.

The RLC Hot Wheels release includes the casting of an RWB Porsche 930 in a black and gold livery including the notorious “RAUH-Welt” windshield banner, as well as other decals. Complementing the extremely accurate model is a figure of Nakai himself knelt next to the 930, as if it was just completed. The set comes enclosed in a clear titled display case and arrives in a box that matches the RWB Porsche’s paint job. Unfortunately, the figurine and car set is sold out but you can get the car by itself through the RWB website. Click below for more information.

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