Since its founding in 1989 RENNtech has combined racing technology with the quality characteristics of Mercedes-Benz. The first AMG E 300 6.0 “Hammer”, RENNtech E 60, and the notorious 7.4-liter M120 V12 engine found in the S and SL from the late 1990’s, are only a few of the legendary builds that RENNtech owner Hartmut Feyhl has personally overseen since the beginning of his career at AMG in 1977.

Today, Feyhl and the RENNtech Classics team are busy building and restoring classic RENNtech and AMG vehicles, following the original formula for power and performance. At their state-of-the-art shop in Stuart, FL, next to an ultra-rare Mercedes-AMG W140 S 7.0, sits one of the first AMG E 300 6.0 Hammer cars.

Built by AMG in Affalterbach and brought to the United States in the mid 1980’s, the “Silver Hammer” made a splash on the covers of car magazines across continents. 35 years later, the famous “super-car slayer” is undergoing a complete restoration to original specifications set by Hans-Werner Aufrecht back in 1984; a Mercedes-Benz sedan with a 6.0-liter V8 -engine producing 375 HP, capable of hitting 300 kmph (186 mph).

“What makes RENNtech and AMG cars special is the correct balance of power and handling. When restoring a classic car, it is important to understand the difference between too much and not enough. We are very careful to maintain the original character of the vehicle, after all, these cars are “time-machines” built for our customers to enjoy today, and for the next 30 years.” Says Hartmut Feyhl.

Creating more power by increasing the engine displacement is a highly technical and time-consuming process, which requires a special set of skills and tools. Fortunately, since his days as the technical director at AMG, Feyhl has seen hundreds of engine builds over the last five decades.

“We use lots of modern technology in the design and customization process. Our customers have modern-day preferences in comfort, technology, and aesthetics, but what sets us apart from the others is our knowledge of period-correct performance engines. Basically, we can recreate a car today in the same manner we did 30 years ago. It’s somewhere between RestoMod and Period Correct Restoration, so we call it RENNtech Performance Classics.” Says Feyhl.

With a generation of Mercedes-Benz SL, E, SEC, and SEL’s comfortably past the 25-year mark, collectors are now looking for the best and most interesting examples available on the market. And for Pre-Merger AMG, RENNtech builds, or creating their own performance Mercedes-Benz, the aficionados are turning to Feyhl and RENNtech Classics to make these dreams come true.