Suzuki USA and Icon Motorsports have teamed up to create the "Brand New Jack" motorcycle, a custom-built motorcycle that has a very specific inspiration. According to Icon Motorsport, Suzuki told them to cut into a Katana bike and have a fully-built ride in 30 days. The result is the Brand New Jack. As for the inspiration, they went with mecha shows like Gobots, Mobile Suit Gundam and Robotech. More specifically, it looks like they chose the red,blue, yellow and white theme found on many Gundam protagonist mobile suits, like the famous RX-78-2 (aka Granddaddy Gundam) piloted by Amuro Ray. I'm a huge Gundam fan and I could go on for days, but I'll spare you. If you want to learn more about this incredible bike that I'll be dreaming about, click the button below. This is a truly special bike that Icon Motorsports knocked out of the park.