Nothing beats the fast paced action of a Mecum Auction. Because each event appeals to a wide demographic of collectors, you never know when a bidding war will erupt. These wars are caused by a few people having incredible knowledge of the car they want. However, we know that regardless of your personal tastes, everyone enjoys learning about cars and staying current on what's happening in the automotive world. That is why Dana Mecum and Company have announced their new "On The Move" podcast.

It will be headlined by John Kraman, the main commentator for Mecum's NBC coverage. He will be joined by Matt Avery, Executive Producer of "The Transmission". Their goal is to provide 30 to 40 minutes every week covering upcoming events, industry trends, and insights from celebrity guests. Our friend Sam Murtaugh is the Vice President of Marketing and Presentation and had this to say: We’ve learned from research, direct contact at our auctions, and through all means of communication that our audience has an insatiable appetite for more information about Mecum Auctions and the collector car market from our inside perspective.

With auctions taking place regularly throughout the year, more than 200 hours of original programming and 900 hours annually on NBC Sports Network, and the millions of people engaging with our brand at, we’re continuously looking for more ways to deliver fresh content to our existing audience in addition to introducing the Mecum brand to new audiences. Our podcast is the perfect extension to continue building our audience and providing even more content to those already engaged with Mecum." Episode 1 is already available, and it includes an interview with Consignment Director Frank Mecum who offers details for their next events. We have already subscribed, so click the button below and stay with us for all your Mecum news.