Jacob & Co. have been hard at work creating a complex and magnificent timepiece that honors the film 'Scarface'. Within this watch are so many details that cannot be overlooked if you want to truly appreciate it. Called the Scarface Opera, it follows the path of the other Opera timepieces in Jacob & Co.'s collection. This path is one of music. Yes, this Scarface can actually play a song but not just any song. Jacob & CO. worked with NBC/Universal Pictures to be able to use not only the image of the title character Tony Montana but also the song "Bolivia" from the movie. The integrated Swiss music box can play the 120-note song when activated by the pusher at 10 o'clock. In total, there are 658 individual parts that make up the Scarface Opera, including an incredibly complex triple-axis high-speed tourbillon. There are two different variations of this watch, one with a Black DLC Grade 5 Titanium case and the other with an 18k Rose Gold case. You can learn more about this phenomenal timepieces by click the button below.