We always love learning about what inspired Ettore Bugatti to build the world's best cars. Europe was enjoying the roaring 20's after rebuilding from the first World War. Affluent motorists had money to spend, so Mr. Bugatti was obligated to show them the future. With no expenses spared, he and his team delivered something that put all other cars to shame. So lets look at the big & beautiful 1926 Bugatti Royale.

Starting with the strongest chassis to-date, it was needed to support the largest body and engine the world had seen. The wheelbase is just over 14 feet, and the car is 20' long. Moving 3.5 tons of opulence was made easy by a 12.8 liter straight-8. The tachometer showed an engine redline at only 1,800 rpm. Engines of this size don't need to rev. With pistons the size of coffee cans it offered a top speed of 125 mph.

Other notable features include a dry-sump oiling system to spray 6 gallons of oil at all the right places. A dozen gallons of water was circulated to keep the beast cool. A triple-plate clutch sent tons of torque to a fully synchronized 3-speed, both of which were revolutionary. The Royale was a smack in face to all other luxury cars, and it was undoubtedly an inspiration for the power and prestige for all late-model Bugattis. If you haven't experienced one, click the button below and prepare to be amazed.