Mazzanti Automobili is looking for public investors to help grow the company within the hypercar market. The Italian car manufacturer has been growing since Luca Mazzanti developed the brand in 2002, where it first began as a restoration and design workshop. The manufacturer created a page on CrowdFundMe, searching for a target investment goal of 300,000 euros ($328,000) that would help fund future vehicle production and other projects. In return, Mazzanti will offer a 7-percent equity stake in the company, which seems like an open-door invitation for an individual to step into the hypercar industry. On the investment page, the manufacturer has posted historic records, financial reports, sponsorship lists, and other company information to help inform possible investors on what is to come for Mazzanti Automobili. Click below for more information on Mazzanti and how you could be part of the hypercar company!