Singer Vehicle Designs, best known for their modern creations on magnificent past generation Porsches, has been branching the company’s efforts into the watch world. Singer Reimagined is the venture started by Director of Singer Vehicle Design Rob Dickson and Italian watch designer Marco Borraccino. In a new article from Singer Reimagined, they detail how the company came to life. Click here to read the story for yourself.

The company follows the same business model as they do constructing world-class Porsches, with attention to detail and constant development towards perfection. Singer Reimagined has been developing its automatic caliber, “The Agengraphe,” for over 10-years and believes this will change the way chronographs operate. The current Track1 model is a limited-edition collection that is presented on their website in five unique designs. Click below for more information on Singer Reimagined, as well as Singer Vehicle Designs!