Living up to an iconic name can be hard. Since 1948, Land Rovers have been used by soldiers, civilians, and families to reach uncharted territory. That is why the new Land Rover Defender is social distancing in style. We learned the details last September when it was formally unveiled. The Defender 110 will be joined by a smaller Defender 90 on the new D7x platform. Engineered for rugged conditions, it also includes a pleasant ride for the highway. Perhaps the best features are the option packs. Four distinct packs are available from your local dealer, and they can be swapped in only a few hours. Here is how they stack up:

Adventure Pack is ready for camping. It has a 1.7-gallon pressurized water tank for showers along with an onboard air compressor. Also on board is a 6.3-gallon seat/backpack to hold your gear. Country Pack has scuff plates, fender guards, and a floor-to-roof partition from the cargo area. Finally, Urban Pack is sleek and bright, with brushed scuff plates and a plush interior.

It can haul 1,984 lbs of cargo, with the roof rack capable of holding 661 of them. If you have toys, it can tow 8,201 lbs. Going deep isn’t an issue, as the sealed powertrain and cockpit can handle 35.4″ of water. Starting at $49,995 you have 2 choices for engines: a turbo 2.0L four-cylinder is rated at 300 horsepower. A hybrid 3.0L straight-six is rated at 400 horsepower for a few dollars more.