Emil Jellinek was an Austrian car dealer who prepared and sold Daimler cars for racing events. To honor his successes, the company decided to name a new car after his daughter. That is how the 1900 Mercedes 35 HP laid the foundation for an empire. It debuted in April, just in time to win several races. Many historians regard it as the prototype of the automobile industry.

Bettina Fetzer is the Head of Marketing for Mercedes-Benz AG, and she says: "Women like Mercédès Jellinek or Bertha Benz shaped the success story of Mercedes-Benz from the start. With our She’s Mercedes initiative, founded in 2015, we are building on this tradition for our numerous female customers around the world. The future of Mercedes-Benz will combine sustainability and luxury in a fascinating way." So here's to all female motoring pioneers. And as food for thought, the world's greatest car magazine wouldn't be here without Mrs. duPont and the hard work of all our female coworkers.