It comes with great sorrow that I have to announce the loss of a beautiful car. According to news reports, a Gemballa Mirage GT was used in a "crashing" spree in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan. The supercar ran into multiple cars along 11th Ave and was eventually stopped around 11th Ave and 44th St. There's no word on who the driver was or whether it was stolen, but notes that the driver was taken into custody at the scene.

This rare car is based on the famous Porsche Carrera GT, but it hosts a bevy of enhancements that make it truly special. These enhancements can be found on the exterior, interior and even mechanically. Unfortunately, this car was one-of-a-kind and the damage looks severe, to say the least. The images found in this article were taken by @ronnienyc who happened upon the car on his way to work in NYC.