For the most part, driving today involves the steering wheel and pedals, with some minor adjustments made on the infotainment center. There are some cars with autonomous tech that takes driving to another level, but what Pininfarina is up to may be a complete game-changer. The Turin-based company has unveiled AutonoMIA, a new "highly responsive, multi-sensorial on-board experience demonstrator." This new tech demo includes a wide range of technology, including AI, 5g, haptic feedback, sensors and natural interfaces.

The goal of AutonoMIA is to act as a tool to help designers rethink the future of driving. Pininfarina has created a new experience that will adjust and respond to not only the context of its use, but those using it. With the various interface elements, it will create a new driving experience that Pininfarina says will create "magic, strong meaning and positive impact in and around the car."

Source: PRNewswire/Pininfarina