BRABUS Marine has just been presented with a very prestigious award, and they should be more than proud about it. The annual Red Dot Design Awards are insanely sought after in the design world, and BRABUS Marine has won an award in the highly contested Product Design category. More specifically, their Shadow 900 range was given the award.

"Ours is a new way of working within the industry," says Jan-Erik Viitala, Axopar and BRABUS Marine Creative and Innovations Director. "By utilising our ‘shared-platform’ thinking, design of the Shadow 900 range is the result of four unique parties, namely, Axopar Boats, BRABUS, BRABUS Marine and Navia design agency co-contributing and therefore co-designing together."

BRABUS Marine lineup includes the Shadow 900 Spyder, Shadow 900 Sun-Top. and the ultra-exclusive Black Ops Limited Edition '1 of 37'. You can learn more about these incredible vessels by clicking the button below to visit BRABUS Marine's website.