Springfield Coach has perfect their art in the manufacturing and financial services for over 50 years. During those decades, they have become as popular as ever, catching the eye of famous eyes, including that of Richard Rawlings. You know Rawlings from his hit television show "Fast N' Loud," which features hit Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas, Texas.

In fact, it was their new Mercedes-Benz V-Class that caught the eye of Rawlings. Since the new V-Class has come to North America, Springfield Coach is the first company to build a limousine out of the new model. Rawlings liked the idea of a private vehicle that he could cruise around in. He also liked the fact that the V-Class can pull up to hotels and places that have overhangs without having to worry about a tall vehicle running into it.

Springfield Coach brought Rawlings' new V-Class, which he calls his "command center," to the Gas Monkey Garage. Unbeknownst to the team at Springfield Coach, they were wired up and filmed for a segment on the TV show. They went over all of the amenities that the command center has to offer, including the options that could be included in the Mercedes limo.

There is a wide range of options offered by Springfield Coach for the V-Class. For starters, they can build it out with three different configurations: a 10-passenger limo-airport shuttle with room for luggage, a party-type limo with seating for 12 with no room for luggage and a CEO-style with four Premier Products captain's chairs. It was the CEO-style that Rawlings went with. It could've been the captain's chairs with leg lifts, heat/massage functions, fold-out desks, or even the two 24-inch monitors that helped him make up his mind. In reality, it was all of it combined.

Springfield has a lot to offer and it's about time you checked out everything they have to offer. To learn more, click the button below to see just how incredible Springfield Coach is.

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