Bugatti engineers are now able to test the Chiron Pur Sport again due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19 starting to lift. Their current track of choice for testing is none other than the Bilster Berg circuit in the Teutoburg Forest, Germany. This circuit consists of 19 turns, 44 crests and dips, 20 percent uphill and 26 downhill grades, and an elevation change of 70 meters over 4,207 meters. All of these track details make Bilster Berg the perfect circuit to test the capabilities of the Chiron Pur Sport.

"With the Chiron Pur Sport, we’re pursuing a more extreme and radical development approach," says Stefan Ellrott, Head of Development at Bugatti. "It’s the perfect car for all those drivers who enjoy cornering at the limits and want to feel a connection with the road."

Because the new Chiron Pur Sport has a firmer chassis, new tires and a shorter-ratio gearbox, Bugatti's engineers are taking this time at the track to fine-tune the engine. The goal of the engineers is to make sure the Chiron Pur Sport is launching out of corners as quickly as possible, making it the most track-formidable hypercar Bugatti can make.

"Thanks to the new suspension geometry, the softer Michelin tires with even better grip and the enormous rear wing, the acceleration of the Pur Sport out of corners is even more brutal," explains Jachin Schwalbe, Head of Chassis Development at Bugatti. "It’s simply a pure, uncompromising driving machine."

Bugatti will continue testing the Chiron Pur Sport on more tracks in the coming weeks. And, yes, that includes Nürburgring Nordschleife.