Do me a favor: open the hood/hatch to the engine of your car, take a good look at it. If you're someone who REALLY takes care of their car - maybe you frequent Concours events or are just someone who just loves their car - then your engine is probably very clean. But, it's probably not as clean as the engine room of this superyacht. Okay, it's a lot easier to clean and engine when you can actually walk around it, but still, the engine you'll see in the video below is spotless. The video is done by TheYachtGuy Official, who walks around Lurssen's Tis yacht, a 115-meter vessel. It also features two helicopter pads, a movie theater, elevator, swimming pool and a lot more. Check it out! And if this reminded you to clean your car, click the button below.

Featured Image via YouTube Screenshot/TheYachtGuy Official