Perhaps one of the best aspects of buying a car from O'Gara is their dedicated transport partners at JP Logistics. Their enclosed single-car rollbacks are normally hauling the most prestigious cars to and from service appointments. Most recently, O'Gara's Supercar Sanitization Service has had them working around the clock. However, coming back with an empty trailer is a waste of fuel. That is why O'Gara & JP Logistics have partnered to deliver food to hospitals in the greater Los Angeles area. Because their trucks protect the expensive cargo from the elements, they also make for incredibly efficient food trucks.

Two local charities have stepped up to supply packaged healthy meals for doctors and nurses. World Central Kitchen and Feed the Frontline make sure the trucks are loaded down, and the owner of JP Logistics is donating 10% of all net sales to them until April 30th. He is also matching donations up to $25,000 to keep the meals in motion. If you are this, it doesn't matter where you are. O'Gara's dealers will be happy to facilitate your donation. Click the button below to contact them and stay with us for more dealer updates.

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