Ever since Nikola Tesla discovered alternating current, his life was devoted to providing efficient ways to use it. For the better part of the 20th century, battery-powered devices used Edison's direct current. Not only did Edison make DC batteries small & powerful, converting the power to AC would mean licensing patents from his rival George Westinghouse. Now that the "War of the currents" is over a century old, almost every big electric motor uses Tesla's 3-phase AC.

Therefore, every electric vehicle (aside from golf cars and kid's toys) needs a way to transform DC to AC and vice-versa. That is why Karma Automotive has unveiled efficient silicon carbide inverters. In their latest press release, we learned these 400-volt modules can be combined to support 800-volt charging. Not only will these be used in all Karma models, but they are also the most critical part of the universal chassis being developed for other automakers.

AC On The Left-DC On The Right