In 2014, MB&F unveiled the Starfleet Machine as their very first table-clock collaboration with L’Epée. Now, this stunning clock is returning in a much more compact size. Introducing the new Starfleet Explorer.

This new clock measures in with a diameter of 16.5 cm and a height of 11 cm, allowing it to fit in any table space. As for its design, it's pack with stunning features. At the top, the minutes can be read on a revolving disc when they appear in the center of a fixed metal aperture. The ring below tells the hour, but it's motionless, with a revolving hand indicating the hour.

A new and exciting element for the Starfleet Explorer are the three small spacecrafts that are lined up along the the same axis and are found in the movement itself. They revolve around the movement, with one full turn every five minutes. The Starfleet Explorer is truly a mothership, guiding the trio of spacecrafts.

The new MB&F Starfleet Explorer is available in three different and vibrant colors: blue, green and red. They are, of course, very limited with only 99 examples being made for each color. For the price and more information, be sure to click the button down below.