Nike’s Air Max silhouette has always been a classic look that is better defined as timeless. It has been the forefront for Nike since the first release on March 26th, 1987. So, the question becomes, how do you implement new ideas to an already successful line of sneakers? Nike’s response is the all-new Adapt Auto Max “Motherboard”, a futuristic rendition of a classic. The key difference being Nike’s self-lacing technology. The power-driven laces allow you to set and save the perfect fit using the buttons placed on each shoe.

Nike has also integrated the ability to connect each pair to smartphones and smartwatches using their app, giving everyone the ability to personalize their settings. The shoe is made from a soft synthetic grey upper, while the bottom uses a gum-lined bottom embedded with LED lights. This is Nike’s third self-lacing shoe release and most definitely will not be their last. For more information click below and check in for more news from Nike!

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