Aside from being a goregous SUV, Maserati offers smooth & quiet experience. A few of us are willing to trade a bit of civility and panache to make our rides more unique. That is why the Novitec Estero is the Ultimate Maserati Levante.

Starting with a complete exterior makeover, your Estero will arrive with a wider body. New front and rear bumpers along with rockers and fenders will allow their 22" center-lock wheels to look right & home. As with Novitec's other models, the body package is available for all Maserati Levante for sale.

Engine upgrades are based on the Trofeo model. Since Ferrari supplies the 3.8L twin turbo V8, you know it is capable of more power. After diving into the computer and adding a few goodies under the hood you will have 605 lb-ft of torque and 624 horsepower! You will reach 60 mph in 3.8 seconds and easily cruise at 192 mph. Click the button below to find your new Maserati Levante for sale then visit

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