Roger Dubuis has just debuted a new timepiece that is striking in both daytime and nighttime. The new Excalibur Twofold is the result of Roger Dubuis look to make their signature movement a star even when the lights are off. For this, their engineers use a patented process that allows every angle of the upper plate composed of Mineral Composite Fiver (MCF) to light up. What's more, the luminescence lasts 60 percent longer than your standard luminescent material.

But if that wasn't enough, they also strapped the strap with a new technology called “LumiSuperBiwiNova™.” With this technology, the strap also offers luminescence, just like the case, upper plate and bezel.

During the daytime, the watch shines equally as bright, thanks to its glacial appearance. Roger Dubuis created the case and bezel out of MCF, which is an ultra-white composite material made of 99.5% silica. This appearance gives a whole new meaning to the term "icy."