Building upon their successes in the automotive world, Porsche Digital is aiming to help online entrepreneurs. In a press release earlier today, they announced a new company building program named "Forward 31". Their goal is to create a portfolio of startup companies, even outside their traditional customer base.

Stefan Zerweck, Chief Operating Officer at Porsche Digital: “‘Forward 31’ offers new perspectives, closer networking with entrepreneurs and partners and faster rollout and implementation. For our company to stay successful in the future, we need to redefine ourselves in the digital environment. ‘Forward 31’ is one way of doing this.”

The name is a reference to 1931, the year Ferdinand Porsche opened his engineering office to help prospective automakers achieve their goals. So if your website needs a some help, check out and stay with us for all your Porsche news.

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The team "Forward 31": Gantimur Meissner, Ann-Kristin Mackensen, Mikha Makhoul, Christian Knörle, Katy Campbell, Jan Feiling, Matthias Hub (l-r)