Driving your new Lamborghini Aventador on the street is exhilarating and rewarding. But you will never approach the limits of this raging bull on public roads. If you want to tame the meanest machines from Sant Agata, the track is waiting for you. That is why Lamborghini has teased their 2021 Squadra Corse V12 hypercar.

The first rule is: Don't call it an Aventador. While they share the same lineage, the V12 is a track-only hypercar. In the latest press release from Squadra Corse, we learned it offers 830 horsepower.

It is in the late stages of development as a collaboration between Squadra Corse and Centro Stile Lamborghini. Massive intakes, air ducts, and a few locking differentials will make for a fun track day, so click the button below to learn more from our dealers.

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