Just introduced by Breitling is the new Navitime B03 Chronograph Rattrapante 45, a stunning new addition to their collection of timepieces. At the heart of this new watch is Breitling's Manufacture Caliber B03, which includes a split-second movement known as "rattrapante." This allows the wearer to record multiple times thanks to two seconds hands that can start at the same time but end at different times.

The new Navitimer B03 Chronograph is housed in a 45mm, 18k red gold case with a Stratos Gray dial. Breitling also included a bidirectional rotating bezel. On the face, you may notice a difference between this watch and other Navitimers. Normally, Navitimers have a "B" logo and anchor symbol on the chronograph hands. Because this watch has a rattrapante movement, the "B" and anchor are actually located on each of the seconds hands.

Source: Breitling