In a scene reminiscent of 1941, our nation's arsenal of democracy has been re-tooled. Instead of building war machines, the automakers are gearing up to build medical apparatus. Both GM & Ford have halted car production to build ventilators, as they are in demand around the nation.

Both companies published similar press releases, so I will summarize their finer points for the sake of brevity. First off, GM has partnered with Ventec to increase production of their units. Distribution will be handled by, addressing the highest demand areas immediately.

Ford has joined forces with 3M and GE Healthcare and the UAW. In addition to Powered Air-Purifying Respirators, Ford's 3D printers are working 24/7 to make the first run of 100,000 face shields for First Responders. With the might of our autoworkers behind us, we will be in the clear soon. Thank you to everyone involved.