Mercedes-Benz has just unveiled the new Vision AVTR concept car, a new vehicle that was actually inspired by James Cameron's film "AVATAR." Yes, the movie with the blue aliens that was a worldwide hit has a Mercedes based on it now. Welcome to 2020.

So what exactly is the Mercedes-Benz vision AVTR? It's a lot of things, that's for sure, but it is an electric car. In fact, its battery is free of all rare earths and metal, and all materials are compostable. This recyclable vision for the car comes from the "AVATAR" film and its focus on sustainable energy sources. The battery isn't the only sustainable component in the Vision VTR. Mercedes chose vegan DINAMICA®leather for the interior, which they say "guarantees environmental sustainability throughout the entire production cycle."

As for its design, it was heavily influenced by creatures from the "AVATAR" film. There are also 33 "bionic flaps" on the back of the Vision AVTR that look like the scales of a reptile. These flaps move naturally and "communicate" with the driver and outside world.

Mercedes also stacked the Vision AVTR with some intuitive technology. Instead of using a standard steering wheel, they went with a control element that's found on the center console. When the driver places their hand on this control element, the car "comes to life" and it recognizes them by their heartbeat and breathing. They also added in the ability to project menu selection onto the driver's palm.

Obviously, this is a true concept car, but it's still an interesting look into where the future of Mercedes cars could go.