Our friend Jonathan Ward is the founder of Icon, but his true passion lies in trucks. As the go-to resource for all FJ restorations, that buisness has spun of into TLC4x4. After dissassembling every nut and bolt, his team strips the chassis, frame and body to bare metal.

After every moving part is replaced with NOS Toyota parts, the underside is treated to several coats of poly-urea. Not only does it prevent rust, it will stay glossy for years. Moving inside, the cockpit is loaded with layers of dynamat before receiveing new carpet and door panels. The headliner is a throwback to earlier FJs, because the original mousehair will never be stylish again. Toss in a Chevy LS3 crate engine and a 4-speed automatic and you have a recipe for a plush & powerful Land Cruiser. Stay with us for all your Icon and TLC4x4 updates.

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