Without a doubt, Group B rally racing was some of the wildest that the world of motorsport has ever seen. It lasted from 1982 to 1986 when it had to stop due to safety concerns. Autodromo knows just how important this racing series is in motorsport history and have a line of watches dedicated to it. The latest addition is the Group B Series 2 Safari.

This watch was inspired by the East African Safari and Paris-Dakar rallies of Group B. The semi-matte green plating matches the "safari" monicker so well, as does the orange on the second hand and "Safari" logo. Autodromo also styled the dial after the racing tachometers of the early 1980's. The Miyota 9015 automatic takes care of the movement, which is housed in the lightweight 39mm titanimum two-piece capsule. Keeping the watch on the wrist of its wearer is an integrated bracelet in a matching green, but it can be removed.

You can buy this watch now, as well as many other automotive-inspired watches at Autodromo.com.

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