Manny Khoshbin has just received the latest collection to his car collection and it's as beautiful as vehicles come. Introducing his new Bugatti Chiron "Hermès Edition" hypercar.

Khoshbin has been waiting for this car since he designed it four years ago. For the color scheme, he went with all-cream for the interior and exterior. The Hermès Courbettes Graphic with horses can be found on the exterior and interior of the hypercar, marking the first time this pattern has been used in a sports car. Both wool and cashmere were used for the pattern in the cabin.

Bugatti Chiron Specs: 1/4 Mile, 0-60 & Prices

This isn't the first time that Bugatti and Hermès have teamed up. In fact, the first worked together in the 1920s and in 2008 for the Veyron. Now, Manny Khoshbin has the Hermès Chiron and it's just as beautiful as we expected.


Image Source: Instagram