Trans Am Worldwide, the company behind the famous new Trans Am cars, has announced the perfect companion to their modern classic: the Trans Am Motorcycle. With design cues taken from the Trans Am muscle car, this new bike is a must-have for fans of the iconic car.

For the bike, Trans Am Worldwide starts with the 2020 Indian Bobber. From there, the bike is completely reimagined. The exterior is given an entirely new look thanks to additions like the custom designed carbon fiber rear fender, carbon fiber engine covers, radiator shield, drop down mirrors, refaced gauges and more. For comfort, there’s a redesigned saddle seat with an optional removable passenger extension. When ordering, customers can opt for a matte or gloss finish, and pick out their own base color as well as primary/secondary trim colors.

Trans Am Worldwide also made a few modifications to make the bike’s suspension, drivetrain and performance. This includes custom cut billet wheels available in cyclone or traditional Bandit style snowflakes wrapped in Metzler’s 240’s rear and 130’s front tires. The ride performance is enhanced with Ohlins Street S36 Piggyback Shocks, which come with adjustable settings to fit the rider’s preference. Then there’s the Full Stage 1 performance package including Zippers intake, Dynojet Power vision 3 Tuner and a Freedom’s 2 into 1 Combat exhaust.

For more information on how you can get your hands on your own Trans Am bike or even a new Trans Am, be sure to contact them by clicking the button below.