Timing makes all the difference. Bill Warner and his team started a small car show 25 years ago, and a majority of them have fell victim to Florida's erratic weather. It appears as if the curse has been lifted, as we enjoyed perfect weather. With so much to see and do during the weekend, we figured you would like to see a 2020 Amelia Island Concours recap.

As a native of Amelia Island, I attended the first show at age 10. Since then, it has attracted several auctions, private unveilings, and a Porsche Werks Reunion.

Our focus was on saturating the attendees with our latest issue. For complete coverage, we took the high ground of the 1st fairway. The MotorXpo was the entrance and exit for Saturday's Cars & Coffee show. As the public got a preview of the show field, Roger Penske was giving a seminar on his early racing years.

As always, we could not attend this show without the support of our clients. That is why our friends at Specialty Vehicle Engineering stole the show by awakening a new 2020 Yenko 1000 Camaro. It was parked next to their 455 horsepower Syclone truck.

A freshly restored 2006 Hummer H1 Alpha from Hummer1.com towered over a Vanderhall Venice. Next to them was a 2018 Mercedes-Maybach G650 Landaulet from World Imports (Lotus of Jacksonville). Luxury Lease Partners offered 0% interest to drive the world's best cars, and Airstream arrived in the all-new 2020 Interstate.

After wowing the crowds, we awoke Sunday after losing an hour to Daylight Saving Time. Each one of us had a mission to cover the show's themed presentations. GM brought every mid-engine Corvette prototype to inspire a new generation of owners. McLaren unveiled the 765LT and took our breath away.

Iconic Team Penske cars were shown in public for the first time in years. Lotus unveiled the Evija while the De Tomaso P72 roared with Ford ferocity. Apollo's latest IE looked into the future, much like Harley Earl's concepts did for the Greatest Generation. Tell us which car you want to see in person and stay with us for more amazing events.

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