Mercedes-Benz shocked the world in 1979. They unveiled a 4x4 capable of going through the toughest terrain. For the past 4 decades, the Geländewagen has blazed trails and carried soldiers around the world. Thanks to its rugged construction, many were worked to death in harsh conditions. That is why Expedition Motor Company offers incredible G-Wagens.

Located near Philadelphia, their shop is capable of several simultaneous restorations. Every nut and bolt is removed, from wiper blades to lug nuts. Thanks to Mercedes-Benz offering a majority of original parts, it is your opportunity at a new G-Wagen that won't break the bank.

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Each frame-off build offers the owner a chance to add modern accessories and upgrades the factory could never have dreamed of. The Expedition team has branded them as "Wolf". Click the button above to view their inventory (the Wolfpack), and get ready to be amazed!