Silence is golden, and that is why Bentley builds incredibly quiet interiors. The best feature of such a well-insulated cabin is that it makes a perfect sound stage for your music. Sure, they could have used four speakers at 100 watts and called it a day. But they chose a path uncharted by any automaker. That is why your 2020 Bentley Flying Spur offers 2,200 watts of Naim audio.

Celebrating the 10th anniversary of their partnership, Naim For Bentley has raised the bar for factory systems. No less than 21 speakers include Active Bass Transducers and 8 DSP sound modes.

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If your home audio needs an upgrade, the press release also includes the introduction of a new wireless home system. The Mu-So is a 450-watt speaker with six drivers. It uses a 32-bit processor to upconvert low-fidelity inputs and transform them into masterpieces. Our Bentley dealers have great Holliday incentives, so click the button above and stay with us for all your Bentley news.


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