Presented by Sintor Trucks - Ford F350 Lariat w/ Sintor conversion, 6.7 Powerstroke Powered, F450 front axle, King Coilover Shock conversion, Sintor trucks suspension kit, 46” Michelin tires with 20” wheels, This is the ultimate go-anywhere, do-anything superduty with Raptor looks. This is our demo vehicle always stored indoors and is in great condition. $195,000.


Sintor trucks is a truck upfitter based out of California. We specialize in converting Ford Super Duty’s into a one of a kind Super Truck. We start out with a 2017 to current Ford F350 platform. Our Sintor Trucks suspension system is installed using King bypass shocks and the front end is converted to a coil-over setup. We can set up the truck’s suspension specifically for the customer's needs, Towing, daily driving, off-road etc.  We swap out the factory front axle to an upgraded F450 axle. The upgraded 450 axle is wider which gives the truck a better turning radius and it includes bigger brakes which give it way more stopping power.

All of our trucks sit on DOT approved Michellin 46” tires and 20” wheels with rock rings. To match the massive stance of the 46” tires we have developed Carbon Fiber body panels that give it our signature aggressive look. A Sintor is 14” wider than a stock F350 (still 2” narrower than a stock dually). To achieve this look a new substructure is fabricated and installed on the front end of the truck. This substructure is what allows us to run a widened grille and F150 headlights. Each build has a slew of options and customizable features that make every Sintor truck unique, also having a good car recovery dublin helps us to ensure a quick and prompt delivery of the trucks since they work 24/7.

These featured Sintor trucks have aluminum body panels that are hand fabricated in the USA. Hundreds of hours go into the fabrications and bodywork of each Sintor truck to make sure we have the perfect fit.

Already own a Super Duty and want to make it a Sintor Truck? We can do that too.  For more info about a Sintor build for yourself please contact us at 855-866-4231 or online at