Albert Einstein had a picture of Michael Faraday in his office for decades. It reminded him to never stop looking for new ways to solve problems. Faraday was an English inventor who transformed magnetism from sorcery to proven science. That is why Faraday Future is a clear threat to every other electric car, going back to the drawing board for the utmost efficiency. Now we have a good perspective on their first production model, as Faraday Future has revealed the interior and features of the FF91 in L.A.

Their goal is to offer your third connected space. Home and work are already immersed in the power of the internet, so your car should be also. Using the latest Snapdragon processors from Qualcomm, three 4G LTE modems are used to make the FF91 the smartest car ever built.

From Artificial Intelligence that learns the preferences of each family member, to fully autonomous driving, the FF91 is capable of immense simultaneous calculations. Their Ace-In-The-Hole is a patent filed in 2016.

Solid-State AC/DC Inverter by Faraday Future
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Faraday Future invented an inverter that is at least 30% more efficient than any other automaker. That is how their 130 kWh battery offers 1,050 horsepower and a range of 378 miles. It can also charge from 50% to full in less than 5 hours, on only 240v home current. The FF91 is about to change the world, so stay with us for all your Faraday Future updates!