The BMW iNEXT is currently undergoing some intense testing, pushing it closer to production. Just after the car was in the polar circle for tests, it's now in Southe Africa for testing in extreme heat. In this phase of testing, BMW will be testing the drive and suspension components, as well as making sure the bodywork, interior, assistance system and digitalization technology all function in intense heat. (Side Note:1979 BMW Art Car by Andy Warhol Heads to India)

Why the extreme heat? BMW notes that this kind of temperature would drain "any mobile phone battery in no time at all." Well, because the iNEXT runs on a battery, they're given the chance to test the integrated cooling concept for the battery, electric motor and vehicle electronics. To test this, the car is exposed to the heat for hours and then later cooled down. This tests the vehicle's ability to withstand the heat and the efficiency of the aforementioned cooling system.

The BMW iNEXT is going to be an incredible model and we can't wait to see the production version.