Bentley Golf has just announced a new Tech Collection that includes a line of clubs inspired by the new Continental GT. Each of the clubs are constructed out of high-end materials that make them both sturdy and stylish. (Side Note: New Bentley Mulliner Bacalar Teaser Released: It’s a Two-Seater)

For the irons, they're faces are made of titnaium with carbon fiber backs. When it comes to your extremely short game, there's the putter made of high-density steel, super-soft aluminum and carbon fiber. For those long drives, Bentley Golf has new woods in this Tech Collection. These woods have a design that's inspired by the haunches of the Continental GT. Bentley Golf also used 'B' screws for the woods as well.

"The design of the Tech Collection pulls inspiration from the brand’s past, present and future," says Chris Cooke, a Bentley Designer. "These elements come together to create a range that reflects Bentley’s philosophy of unrivalled design and exceptional craftsmanship."

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