Shocking news just arrived from Italy. To herald their return to racing and to an electric future, Maserati teased the MC20 electric supercar. Their racing program "Maserati Corse" is about to take on the world when the car debuts in May.

They don't take racing lightly, as their previous supercar won 22 races including 3 at Spa. The MC12 GT1 made use of the Ferrari Enzo engine with a race-tuned suspension to win 14 Championships from 2004 to 2010.

Why You Should Buy A Ferrari Enzo

The press release says the styling will be an evolution of that winning design, so it will undoubtedly be gorgeous. After taking a pit stop for a decade, the racing future looks bright for the brand. Until then click the link above to view the only MC12 for sale, and click the button below for its street-legal cousin below.

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