All of Aston Martin's aviation-related projects have come together as the new Aston Martin Wings Series. If you didn't know, Aston Martin actually has very strong ties to the Royal Air Force. In fact, three of their four UK manufacturing locations are former RAF Stations.

The connection between Aston Martin and the RAF has led to the new "Aston Martin Wings" program. This bespoke service will create limited edition models based around aviation over the coming years. Examples of these aviation-based Aston Martins include the Vanquish S Red Arrows edition and V8 Vantage S Blades Edition.

"Aston Martin will always be synonymous with aviation, from our wings logo to the heritage of our manufacturing sites across the UK," said Andy Palmer, Aston Martin President and Group CEO. "The Vanquish S Red Arrows edition was a great success for everyone concerned and I look forward to seeing our future aviation-related special editions."