Bruce McLaren and his team were always ahead of the industry. Before roadsters and speedsters became serious contenders, he already had one on the track. Inspired by their fearless founder, the McLaren Elva roadster has been revealed as a street-legal featherweight.

Starting with a new styling language "Blurred Boundaries" is appealing and functional. It incorporates their new AAMS, or Active Air Management System. This system contains high-pressure air in the cockpit to prevent turbulence and wind noise.

The Original McLaren-Elva Meets its Successor

Two versions will be offered. If you want clean looks, it is available without a windshield. The street legal version will have a DOT legal windshield and a host of active safety systems. Power is provided by the same 4.0L V8 from the Senna GTR. Their lightest production car will have 804 horsepower and 590 lb-ft.

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Also borrowed from the Senna is an improved hydraulic active suspension, electric-assisted hydraulic steering, and insane acceleration. Sixty mph is well under 3 seconds, and 124 mph arrives in 6.7 ticks. A base price of $1,690,000 doesn't include any fancy MSO options. Only 399 examples will be built, so click the button above to find our dealer near you!