It is easy to let a restoration get lost in modern features and technology. Many customers want the latest & greatest in every aspect, even if it destroys the original intentions of the manufacturer. Getting back to basics is a way to see how far you've come. and that is why ICON has unveiled the FJ40 Roadster at SEMA.

No doors might give you a hint. You won't find a heater or A/C on this rig. Using only the essentials, it has a 430 horsepower Chevrolet LS3 that is 50-state emissions legal. Backed by a 5-speed manual, it sends power to Dana 44 Front & Dana 60 Rear Axles.

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Brembo brakes are hidden behind the vintage-appearing aluminum wheels, and the confident handling is provided by Fox Racing shocks with Eibach springs. At $185,000 it is a bargain compared to their other builds, but the quality speaks for itself. Click the button above to find your Toyota FJ40 for sale and stay with us for all your Icon updates.