The powertrain that will be the heart of the new De Tomaso P72 has been announced. Its powertrain comes to us as the result of a collaboration between De Tomaso Automobili and Roush. So what will it be? A powerful and bespoke supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine.

Power figures for this engine are targeted to be 700+ bhp and over 608 lb-ft of torque on 91 octane fuel. De Tomaso is also only mating a 6-speed manual transmission to this engine, giving drivers the ultimate connection to this world-class powertrain.

"In our opinion, the market is now over-saturated with commercially driven “limited edition” models primarily marketed on performance metrics," says Ryan Berris, De Tomaso General Manager and CMO. "We have grown tired of this notion and thus took a contrarian approach with the P72."

If you recall, De Tomaso has a long and storied history with the Ford brand. In fact, De Tomaso and Carroll Shelby teamed up to create the P70, which featured a Ford V8. To go even further, De Tomaso's Vallelunga, Mangusta, Pantera, Deauville, Longchamp, and Guarà all featured Ford powertrains. The inclusion of a Ford heart for the new P72 is just a continuation of what Alejandro de Tomaso started back in 1963 with th Vallelunga.

However, a powerful engine truly isn't complete without the perfect soundtrack. De Tomaso recognizes this and has delivered an exhaust note for the P72 that will be music to anyone's ears. Their goal was to create a sound that harked back to the American Muscle era of the 60's. The result is a symphonic sound that roars into life when it starts up.

We will be learning much more about the incredible De Tomaso P72 in the coming months, to be sure to check back with us.