Rules are meant to be broken, but not by Ferrari. Engineers dissected the regulations for the upcoming season to keep their clientele competitive, so the 2020 Ferrari 488 GT3 EVO has added refinement and lost weight.

More power wasn't needed, as their twin-turbo V8 has proven to be a brutal champion. To make it more livable and smooth, engineers wrote new programming and gave it a faster computer.

Splitting the difference between GTE and GT3 classes, the wheelbase was stretched to allow more for more stability and to fit larger tires. Rolling on a better foundation, the car was subjected to extensive CFD modeling to address aerodynamic deficiencies.

This yielded a new front end with more downforce. Upgrades to the interior shaved several pounds and made room for more ballast weight at a lower center of gravity. In summary, these changes will make for an exciting season, so stay with us for all your Ferrari news.

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